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Ormus - White Powder Gold David Hudson

Ormus - White Powder Gold
How I Met David Hudson

I lived in Arizona for over twenty years. I owned a used bookstore called "Words From The Past..." It was located in Scottsdale, on Scottsdale Road. I owned it for several years in the late 1980's into the early 1990's.

I had a large metaphysical and occult section in my store. And I taught classes in Astrology, Numerlolgy, Tarot, Meditation along with other Occult Sciences and consciousness raising subjects.

Arizona, especially Phoenix and Sedona are powerful, mystical places. Many new-age thinkers from all over the country and the "world" have relocated there for the strong metaphysical energies. This was particularily prevalant in Scottsdale, in the western part of Phoenix and Sedona; with its "Red Hills."

Phoenix is the name of a mystical fire bird who rises out of the ashes to be reborn. Phoenix is a mystical city that allows the ancient wisdom teachings to rise out of the ashes to become reborn.

Owning that store and giving and attending those classes was a very soul satisfying time for me. As I look back now from the zero degree, icy landscape of the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania, I am finally realizing the magic of those days in Arizona.

This North Eastern Seaboard seems devoid and depleted of this same kind of magical energizing energy that the warm, sunny skys of Arizona provided.

My wife Lory and I plan to leave this cold, dark part of the country and go back to the sunny South West soon.

When I say that my bookstore in Scottsdale was magical, I do not exagerate. It WAS magical; because it attracted some of the most advanced, pioneering New-Age people in the country.

David Hudson, the person credited with the present day discovery of White Powder Gold, was one of them; though I did not know it when he first walked into my store, in his farmers overalls with one shoulder strap hanging un-hooked.

But I am getting ahead of myself with my story. Let me tell you of a few of the very powerful far seeking men who came first into my book store.

It was most likely that the energies of their presence in my store every Wednesday night, when we had private meetings, that attracted David Hudson.

The new Laws of Quantum Physics that have just been given to us, tell us 'thoughts' are 'things' and that like attracts like. Like resonances or vibrations attract similar fields of vibrational frequencies. So feeling that there were others on the "same wave length so to speak" David felt it and came.

I won't mention the names of my three close Wednesday night associates, for the topics they studied and researched, were then as they still are now on the unpolitically correct list of subjects. So I will refer to them with alias's .

Jim had studied for years the Geneology of British Royalty. His claim at that time was that they were all direct descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdelin, who fled Europe 2000 years ago. Jim would unroll a huge two foot by four foot piece of vellum on the floor. On it he had the geneological table of the descendents of Jesus. And this was all before the book "Holy Blood Holy Grail", and the book and movie "The Davinchi Code," all of which popularized the idea of a Moravingen Line, ie a lineage of the "Grail Kings."

Mike was an Atomic physicist that worked for the government. He was personally involved in the Philadelphia Experiment of the 1940's. He was an expert on Tesla's ideas of harnessing "free energy" and transcending time and space. He shared many fascinating stories of this technology that is being hidden from us today. His main connection with the Philadelphia Experiment , which was supposed to make a U.S. destroyer actually go into the future. The scientist running the experiment obviously were not as intelligent as Tesla, nor did they fully understand his theories. The result was that when the destroyer came back to it's present time; many of the sailors who where on the ship were maimed, leaving parts of their bodies in another dimension, or dead.

Bob, another member of our group, also worked for the government. He worked in the secret, underground labs in Roswell, New Mexico.

He told us that he had seen the remains of the Extra-Terrestrials, and their crashed flying saucer. But more interesting than that was the story he told of meeting "other" Extra-Terrestials" in that undergroud bunker. He said that the ones he met were called 'Nordics.'
And that they looked like you would expect 'Nordics' to look. They were very tall with blonde hair and blue eyes. They said that they were here to observe the comings and goings of the other species of "ET's" who did not belong here.

And finally the the last member to join our group was David Hudson.

When he first walked into my shop he asked if I had a book on "Alchemy." I showed him my selection and he purchased a few. He said he wanted information on the 'Philosopher's Stone.' I invited him to our special Wednesday night meetings . He came to a few and told us about his discovery of Ormus, White Powder Gold. David Hudson, being a cotton farmer in Arizona, had noticed a white powdery substance that kept re-occuring in his fields. He had it analyzed and studied it . He said that what he had discovered was the Philosophers Stone, White Powder Gold that had been sought after by alchemists down through the ages.

If I knew then what I know about Ormus (White Powder Gold) today, I would have built a closer relationship with David.

He left after a few meetings and so did the others. Magic such as this seems to be fleeting. With the Magic gone from the store, I sold it and moved on.

Why me? Why my store? Have you seen the movie "Field of Dreams," starring Kevin Costner? He built the baseball field and they came. Guess I built the bookstore and they came.

More materials on Ormus - White Powder Gold to follow.

Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has been studying astrology, runes, metaphysics and alternate healing treatments for over 30 years. He is 70+, in very good health and lives in the boonies of the Pocono mountains with his wifr Lory. His writings are unique and refreshing.
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